How we work

Create new industry standards, together with you

Create new industry standards, together with you

In concrete terms, Alvier Mechatronics looks at your specific application unbiasedly, neutrally and without predetermined production suppliers or materials in mind. We scan the possible design concepts of all components and define the solution space.

Simulations are used to determine the most suitable variants from the solution space. Throughout the process, we show you the implications for your final product in short design loops right from the start, taking industrialization into account from the beginning. With this agile approach we focus on optimizing the interaction with you. This means that you will be able to understand our solution quickly and integrate it into your end product. This creates a rapidly converging product with high cost transparency right from the start. After a successful simulation that reflects reality with a high degree of consistency, we will tackle the production of a prototype together with you, taking into account the industrialization of the solution as far as possible. With us, the electrification of vehicles becomes an all-round carefree topic and we manage to turn your upside-down world right again.

In a world where you can no longer tread old paths, we at Alvier Mechatronics are there to create new industry standards, together with you. High quality is our claim, entrepreneurial spirit and sustainable solutions our passion.


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