The disruption of mobility

Reinvention of the electric car motor

The reinvention of the electric car motor

In a world that is upside down, we promote disruption and combine innovations to develop new solutions. Unique solutions that are individually and optimally tailored to our customers’ needs.

For more than 100 years, the combustion engine has been optimized as a complete system with increasing complexity and a growing number of components. The methods developed for this are extremely complex and expensive, requiring highly standardized and coordinated processes between many partners.

The electrification of cars is still in its infancy. In order to conserve natural resources, we can’t afford to develop the electric car motor technology for another 100 years in order to achieve an optimum compared to the development of the combustion engine.

The disruptive electrification of the powertrain required rapidly available components such as motors and power electronics. The network of partners required for this was only partially available. Especially large established companies are faced with having competences scattered all over the organization.

So as not to miss the chance, “time-to-market” took precedence over system optimization. So far, only isolated solutions have been created.

The future will be different. But what will it look like? The development and improvement of an electric drive system to the highest efficiency is complex.

The new “solution space” for the system is initially infinitely large. It doesn’t have to be continually developed from the quickly available product, but rather a step back to a higher abstraction level has to be taken. This creates many new solution paths, of which only a few will prevail in the end.

The goal is to optimally interlink these paths, which requires changes at all system levels. The focus must always be to create a solution for the overall system, and that's exactly what we at Alvier Mechatronics aim to do.

Our way is taking into account the approach, focus, processes and ingredients to enable products that impress with application-specific high efficiency.

The automotive landscape is changing fast. To stay ahead automakers must explore new ways to navigate it. Therefore, we welcome you to partner up with us. Together we will find the road to a sustainable future.

The key is our co-creation concept "CONNACTIVE", which offers all involved partners a forum for cooperation. With an international core team of experienced experts and young talents, we build bridges across country and company borders.

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Four vital steps towards an optimal electromagnetic motor

Developing and improving a highly efficient electromagnetic drive system can be done through several measures. We have identified four vital steps to take:

    • First, adopt a new approach: By disrupting the existing vertical “silo thinking” and building a new ecosystem of excellent partners with a horizontal network approach. This stable and flexible ecosystem allows us to become an agile player who reacts quickly to the volatility of the markets and that rapidly shows every customer suitable and sustainable solutions.
    • Second, shift to a new focus: we need to develop holistically optimized, future-proof electric drive systems more quickly. For this purpose, previous system boundaries must be overcome, and “synapses have to be reconnected.” This is possible thanks to new digital technologies.
    • Third, use new processes: agile methods such as scrum have revolutionized software development in recent years. The agile approach complements increasingly proven methods also in hardware development: fast feedback loops with the customer in order to respond to findings in a timely manner.
    • Fourth, add new ingredients: technology is evolving faster and faster in materials, manufacturing processes and connectivity. This means that, for example, the statement “this semiconductor technology is too expensive” or “this material is hardly available” can no longer be valid tomorrow.

Our way is taking into account the approach, focus, processes and ingredients to enable products that impress with application-specific high efficiency, with low cost factor and sustainability in design, material and process.

We make the right mix of the latest developments available to you today, and want to show you tomorrow’s standardised ways to accelerate the speed even further.


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