What drives us

Electric vehicles for everyone

Electric vehicles for everyone

Our passion is to create new sustainable solutions. We are a driving force of new and better products for the global market. We love to use new ways of working, work across borders and create sustainable value.

For more than 100 years, electric motors have basically been unchanged. They were either cheap and small for electric vehicles, or ever-lasting and big for industry. In the age of car electrification motors need to be cost-efficient, compact, sustainable and highly durable – all at the same time.


We enable future electric drive solutions with an innovative, agile approach by

    • Mastering the latest enabler materials
    • Using disruptive motor design concepts
    • Optimizing inverter and motor to perfect fit
    • Seamlessly simulating the whole system
    • Saving time and money in the development phase
    • Applying mechatronics engineering and mechanical cad drawings
    • Building first prototypes already in B-sample quality
    • Industrializing the solution in early design.


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